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Our Clients

Our clients are as varied as the goals that we help them to pursue. They are executives, physicians, surviving spouses, and professionals across a wide variety of vocations.

Typically our clients:


  • Are individuals and families of significant affluence who have long-standing relationships with multiple financial partners including CPAs, insurance brokers, estate attorneys and private bankers, but lack a unified team approach. For these clients, Terra Firma Financial assumes the critical role of team “quarterback,” working seamlessly with our clients’ other professionals to ensure that all financial decisions are made in the context of the family’s short- and long-term goals and their personal level of risk tolerance.


  • Have built their nest egg and are transitioning towards their retirement – whether it comes at a specific age or means a transition in their life pursuits from success to significance. Priorities for these clients include managing their investment assets to minimize the volatility of their portfolios while providing a high level of probability that their wealth will provide for them throughout their retirement years.


  • Individuals serving as executors of complex estates that have recognized the prudence of securing an outside resource as they proceed down the uncertain and unforgiving paths of estate settlement and trust administration.


  • Are accumulating wealth – They are making decisions with an eye towards their long-term goals and attempting to manage the various risks that may present obstacles along the way.


  • Have made a decision to forego the financial rewards of their primary occupation to serve the needs of others by leading non-profits or otherwise making significant service-based contributions to our community.

Unsure if we can help? We welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique needs with you. Email us today.

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