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Our comprehensive service offerings include:

Financial Goal Setting

The most significant aspect of any financial planning engagement should be personal and financial goal setting. Goal setting in this context is not so much deciding that a specific year is the magic retirement date, for example, but rather identifying the values and activities that are critical to your life AND allowing those values and activities to drive your financial decision making.

Whether this means retiring at a specific age, funding college educations, endowing a charitable organization that is close to your heart, tithing generously, or buying the vacation home you’ve always wanted, we help you articulate your values and your priorities so that you can drive financial decisions accordingly.

At Terra Firma Financial, we connect our clients’ lives and what they want their lives to be about to their financial decisions such that our clients can achieve their goals and live lives free from financial regret.

Personal Wealth Forecasting

Building on financial goal setting, the objective of our Personal Wealth Forecast engagements is to project our clients’ future net-worth within a reasonable degree of probability and provide a short-term and long-term context within which our clients can make significant financial decisions. Often referred to as a “financial plan,” we help our clients answer questions including:

  • How much is enough?
  • Does my current savings/spending ratio put me on target to reach my goals?
  • Does this ratio reflect my core values and integrate fully with my goals?
  • What are the tax implications of my plan now and in the future?
  • How should my plan change as I approach my various goals?
  • How do I balance enjoying today with saving wisely for the future?
  • What do I do if my “plan” doesn’t go according to plan?

Financial plans aren’t intended to restrict, but rather to provide freedom and peace of mind. Clients feel freedom to make decisions within the context of their personal forecast; moreover, they are able to feel good about leaving a real-estate closing, signing the check to their child’s first-choice college or university, or even walking off the car lot with a new car – because they know that decision fits their plan.

As part of providing peace of mind, we help our clients anticipate the financial storms that we hope never materialize, but for which they should be prepared. Risk management strategies are more complex than simply identifying an insurance policy to cover a given risk. We work with our clients to identify threats, target acceptable amounts of risk to absorb, and strategize for insuring against excessive risks. Because Terra Firma is a fee-only firm and does not receive commissions on insurance premiums, we are free to recommend the most appropriate coverage to our clients, and you benefit from unbiased, objective counsel.

Our robust wealth forecasting engagements include financial statement preparation; tax planning; education funding analyses; investment and insurance review and analyses; and retirement, estate and charitable giving recommendations.

Investment Management

Do you have an investment management partner you can trust? One who is looking out for your best interest over both the short and long term? Terra Firma Financial provides fee-only, conflict free investment counsel to our clients. Because we do not accept commissions OR payments from investment companies, our clients can feel comfortable that they are receiving objective advice when it comes to managing their investment portfolio.

Terra Firma Financial possesses the time, talent and objectivity to help you avoid the mistakes that befall individual investors. Let us share with you the investment philosophy and disciplines that create peace and tranquility for our clients – even in the midst of markets that have and will continue to be characterized by turbulence and an unpredictable nature.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is an integral part of every Terra Firma Financial service offering as we strive to seize short-term opportunities while implementing long-term tax management strategies.

Unsure about whether you are paying your minimal obligation, but lack the time or energy to find the right CPA? Concerned that you are missing legitimate, even conservative, opportunities to reduce your tax obligations? Unsure of how to minimize your tax obligations when your family transitions to retirement?

Many of our high-income and self-employed clients are finding significant opportunities for tax savings that integrate with their life goals. Other clients rest with the peace of mind that their long-term plans are built on tax sensitive strategies to ensure that their retirement dollars are allocated to their retirement, NOT to paying down the national debt.

Estate Planning

Do you remember what your will says? What does it say to your spouse? Your children? Your grandchildren? Do your documents balance estate tax issues with the legacy or lasting message you wish to leave your survivors? Does your plan provide for your family down the road and protect your assets today? Does it balance your desire to be philanthropic with providing for your family?

Terra Firma Financial provides both estate planning education and counsel, ensuring you understand the estate settlement process, the implications of your decisions on both your finances and your family relationships, and that you are leveraging the best estate tax minimization strategies possible. After crafting a plan, we can recommend a quality estate attorney or work seamlessly with your existing professional team to implement your wishes.

Do you have a plan or a bunch of documents gathering dust? Terra Firma Financial is here to help your family build a plan – and ultimately a legacy – that accurately reflects your desires for future generations.

Charitable Planning

Are there causes that are close to your heart? Do you wish you could give more? Not sure of the most efficient way to provide support for these organizations today and in the future? Concerned that the gifts you would like to make would strain your long-term financial plan or family security?

These are the questions our clients are asking so they can leave a lasting legacy and avoid regret of wishing that they had “done more.” Terra Firma helps our clients balance support for causes and charities with their family’s short-and long-term well being.

In addition to helping clients of all sizes “carve out” more charitable dollars, we have extensive experience with advanced techniques including donor-advised funds, charitable trusts and private foundations and can help clients implement these strategies as needed.

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